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Mrs.Chand bakshi a fashion industry veteran has uniquely conceptualised and curated a Fashion and Beauty Pageant targeting the highly upmarket and rich clientele as its participants themed under "Indian Royalty and Heritage" by launching various events since 2013
She sincerely hopes , aspire and envisage to build and grow her nascent brand "FASHION PASSION" into a yearly grand multi talented, multi-faceted and deeply interactive fashion lifestyle journey by carefully curating an elite and trendy upmarket image and brand identity in the ever growing crowded marketplace where every month many fashion shows take place in different themes but still none have her unique vision and mission to empower the everyday women to feel and live like a queen by enjoying and cherishing the grand experience of participating in our forthcoming series of fashion pageants starting from End-April,2018 at best locations spread across Delhi and Jaipur,India.
Since all our past 6 "Fashion Passion" events undertaken till now have successfully promoted only royalty and high fashion lifestyle with "Save the Tiger" as the main cause and purpose, we here again plan to continue this humble tradition as highlight of our all future events as well.

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Ms Royal Princess India 2018/ Mrs Royal Queen India 2018

Hello lovely people after the Grand success of Mrs Royal Queen and Ms Royal Princess 2017 season 1 which has rewritten history in royal pageantry where women from different walks of life participated across India for cause to blend modernism with Indian heritage and women empowerment .We are coming up with Mr/Mrs Heritage King &Mr /Miss Heritage Prince/Princess India 2018 on the theme of Royal Indian Heritage from Mughals ,Marathas,Sikhs, Rajputs etc. where most of the Rajkumari s, Ranis Maharanis had lot of passion for dressing up to look good for their husband's and princess for their would be husband 's attention.Even today in this changing era our married women who are queens for their husbands and unmarried girls are princess for their father While multitasking and playing different roles also love to look good and feel royal.

Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur and her mother Indira Devi patron of "Ferragamo" who had passion for jewels and jewels studded shoes with highly personified dress sense is a perfect example of fashionistas. More than her it was her husband who loved to lavish his royal wife with dazzling jewelry and royal couture. Her jewelry and couture collection was so vast and included almost all the jewels one can think of. Because of this, she was always seen wearing beautiful jewels n attires gaining her praise and attention among her socialites. Inspiring from our Indian heritage.

Previous Event

Mr / Mrs Heritage King & Queen India 2018 Mr / Mrs Heritage Prince & Princess India 2018 27th April Jaipur

Mr / Mrs Heritage King & Queen India 2018 Mr / Mrs Heritage Prince & Princess India 2018 27th April Jaipur



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